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Old Marston Parish Council


There are two allotments in Old Marston, one off Mill Lane and one off Oxford Road and Boults Lane.

The allotments in Mill Lane are owned by the Parish Council and managed by the Old Marston Mill Lane Allotment Association on behalf of the Parish Council. Contact the Parish Clerk for further information or Masha Unkovskaya on 07771702548 or 01865792951. New members pay £21.00 subscription - in return the ground is prepared prior to use. Annual subscription is £21.00 per year, payable in October. Plot holders pay £1.75 per year for insurance.

The allotments off Oxford Road and Boults Lane are the Court Place Farm Allotments which are owned by the City Council and managed by a committee. For more information turn up at the allotment ‘office’ (Oxford Road, Old Marston Village) on a Sunday Morning between 09:30 and 11:30. Or contact: Mr Tim Cann: OX202104.

There are some documents related to the allotments in Mill Lane:

Mill Lane Allotments Court Place Farm Allotments

Above: Mill Lane Allotments

Below: Court Place Allotments