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On this pages is a list of links to some of our archive documents (PDF downloads), links to archive news items and other archive links and other archive items that have appeared on this site previously.

Archive Documents

Old Marston Parish Council was created in 1894 as a result of the 1894 Local Government Act and had its first meeting on 1st December 1894. If you would like to view any past minutes or any other records held by the Parish Council then contact the Parish Clerk by e-mail .  Many of our archived documents are now kept in the County Council archives and will take longer to access. There will be a small charge for time taken to research any archives and for any copies provided. Contact the clerk for the latest terms and conditions. Below is a selection of our archives - just click on the link to download a copy.

Notice of Polls

Below are a list of links to notice of polls of elections held in Marston:

Archive News, Links and Articles


There are already some funds available towards the project, and we are campaigning to raise the rest of the funds.

Planning Application just click on this link, Planning Permission: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3

Minutes of Open Meeting with Parish regarding Pavilion, Oxford Mail article from February 2008.

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