Old Marston Parish Council Committees – 2016/17

Nomination Rights

Planning Committee

Mrs. A. Tiwari

Mr. B. Lewis

Mr. M. Cadd (Chairman)

Mrs. P. Hall.

Mr. J. Batey

Finance Committee

Mrs. P. Hall (Chairman)

Mrs A. Tiwari (Vice-Chairman)

Mr. M. Cadd

Mr. N. Bartleet

Mr. T. Greenfield

Internal Reconciliation Reviewer

Mr. N. Bartleet

Recreation Grounds & Cemetery Committee

Mr T. Greenfield

Mr B. Lewis

Mr P. Cox

Mr M. Cadd

Mrs. P. Hall

Standards & Staff Committee

Mr P. Cox

Mr. J. Batey (Vice-chairman)

Mr P. Williams (Chairman)

Mr D. Hatfield

Mrs. P. Hall

Planning & Finance Committees are the only standing committees.

Courtesy Appointments

Oxsrad Committee

Annual Appointment - Mr. M. Cadd

The Pavilion Joint Committee

Mr. M. Cadd (Chairman)

Mr. J. Batey

Mr. B. Lewis

Mr. T Greenfield

Mr. M O’Keefe

Nominations To Other Bodies

Old Marston Charities Trust

(Two Trustees serving four years)

 Mr. C. Haynes Appointment expires October 2020

 Mr. D. Hatfield. Appointment due July 2018.

Mortimer Hall Management Committee

Annual appointment - Mr. T. Greenfield

Oxford City Council Development Control User Group

No one serves

Public Transport (Oxfordshire County Council)

Nils Bartleet

NAG (Neighborhood Action Group)

Mr T. Greenfield

Parish Forum

Mr. T. Greenfield, Mr. J. Batey

Oxford Greenbelt Network

Mr. P. Williams

Appointments to the committees are reviewed annually.

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