Old Marston Parish Council

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The Parish Council has been in existence since 1896 and has met regularly since then. For every meeting an agenda is set and a record of the meeting is kept, known as the minutes, which records the decisions made. Minutes are approved at the following meeting and then are published both on our website and on our notice boards. All the minutes going back to 1995 are published on the website. Minutes before this are stored at the County Archives at St Luke's Church, Temple Road, Cowley (https://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/residents/leisure-and-culture/history/oxfordshire-history-centre).

In addition to the minutes of the main meetings you can find the minutes of our committee meetings, as well as the agendas for the meetings going back a few years. If you would like any older agenda then please contact the clerk. You can also find our policy and procedure documents, and other documentation relevant to the business of the council. There are also a large number of documents going back many years relating to the work of the Parish Council which you can also view. Also you can view our accounts as well. Links for the documents are below. If you have any further queries then please contact the clerk who will be happy to assist.