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There are elections to the Parish Council every four years, every two years for the City Council (one seat in each two seat ward), every four years for the County Council and every five years for Parliament. If there are any vacancies on the Parish Council between elections then details will be published on the website and on our noticeboards.

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Local Political Parties

Results of Parish Council Election 26th June 2014

Nils Bartleet: 149 votes - Elected

John Batey: 198 votes - Elected

Michael Cadd: 146 votes - Elected

Peter Cox: 171 votes - Elected

Tony Greenfield: 176 votes - Elected

Pat Hall: 197 votes - Elected

Duncan Hatfield: 143 votes - Elected

Charlie Haynes: 220 votes - Elected

Barrie Lewis: 134 votes - Elected

Michael O'Keefe: 135 votes - Elected

Peter Sarac: 122 votes

Anjie Tiwari: 144 votes - Elected

Peter Williams: 154 votes - Elected

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