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Mortimer Hall Recreational Ground

Below are some pictures of the recreational ground by Mortimer Hall, Oxford Road, Old Marston. Old Marston owns and manages the recreational grounds at Boults Lane and at Mortimer Hall. The triangle of land between the cycle track, Back Lane, Oxford Road, by the Underpass and St Nicholas School, and popular with dog walkers is also the property of the Parish Council.

The Parish Council also maintain the play area in Mill Lane near the track leading to the Victoria Arms on behalf of the Oxford Preservation Trust.

The Reverend John Mortimer helped the Parish Council purchase Mortimer Hall Recreational Ground from Brasenose College last century. It became the village green and was used as a cricket ground. When the Marston Ferry By-pass was built, the Parish Council was given the field at Boults Lane so that sports could be played by residents. The adjoining field (by Marsh Lane) is the responsibility of the City Council.