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Old Marston Parish Council

The Red Lion Pub

One of Marston’s historic pubs, Tel: 01865-247761 .   

There is a map in the Bodleian Library dated 1837 that shows a brick house on the site. Prior to this stone was the main building medium. In 1845 there were two cottages on the site on enclosed land. The name of the fields in the enclosure were Sutton Field and Brook Field. The land was owned by the Cannon family, who were large land owners in Marston. The road called Cannons Field is named after them.

In 1895 we know that the name of the landlord was Charles Cottesmore. The Parish Council records show that he was elected to the first ever elected Marston Parish Council which lists his trade as publican.

The pub itself has been owned by several breweries including Halls Brewery, Hind Cope, Morelands and is current held by Green King.

Old Tithe Map. Field 138 shows some buildings approximately where Red Lion is located today.