Swan School Development

Below is a compilation of information, documents, downloads and links regarding the proposed Swan School in Old Marston and the response to it. We will keep adding more over time as we receive it.

Correspondence with County Council

Dear Stewart Wilson

Many thanks for your prompt reply.

Of course I am aware of the Headington Access project and it will certainly help in some instances, especially replacing the roundabout at Marsh Lane/Cherwell Drive with lights which can control the flow of assymetric traffic in the morning and evening, also for pedestrians and cyclists.
Alas, it cannot do anything about the single -lane Headley Way, Marsh Lane and Marston Ferry Roads.
We accept that we cannot make traffic disappear but what we can do is not to add to the problems with yet more traffic!
Swan School will add more traffic and I don't know how you can mitigate against that.

You have a difficult job to do.

Thanks again. I look forward to hearing from.

Best wishes
John C Batey
Chair. OMPC

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Dear Mr Batey

Thank you for your email of 6th March 2016, which sets out the concerns of Old Marston Parish Council related to the proposed Swan School and the potential traffic and access implications of this.

Firstly, as you may already be aware, in June 2016, the County Council approved highway works, as part of the 'Access to Headington' project, for Headley Way and Cherwell Drive that includes junction upgrades, new and improved cycling routes, additional pedestrian crossings and public transport improvements. These works form part of longer term proposals, as set out in the County Council's Oxford Transport Strategy, to help tackle existing and future transport pressures on the network, including addressing some of the more specific issues raised in your email.

In terms of the proposed Swan School, then I can confirm that to-date highway officers at the County Council have only had very early discussions with the DfE and their transport consultants. Further work and discussion is therefore required with the County Council, as highway authority, before potential transport and highway impacts can be fully understood and considered including identification of any mitigation and access improvements that might be required should a planning application come forward.

As with all developments, the County Council will need to be convinced that a proposal can operate in an acceptable and safe way and that any transport and/or highways impacts are fully appraised and appropriately mitigated against.

Kind regards

Stewart Wilson

Principal Transport Planner - Oxford Locality
Localities, Policies and Programmes

Oxfordshire County Council|County Hall|New Road|Oxford|OX1 1ND
Tel: 07801740354|Email:

Did you know that Oxfordshire County Council has implemented pre-application charging? Find more details here<

Sent: 06 March 2017 16:21
To: Cllr David Nimmo-Smith<mailto:
Cc: Cllr Ian Hudspeth<mailto:
Subject: Proposed Swan School

Dear David,

You will remember that you and other members of Cabinet received an email from Old Marston Parish Council just prior to your decision to
sell the Harlow site to DfE for £1 to enable a new school to be built there.

Firstly, I want to emphasise again the frustration and anger felt by
this community as to the lack of transparency surrounding this
project, with none of the parties involved giving our council the
courtesy of any information whatsoever.

Moving on, we now have to face the implications of how such a school
will impact on our neighbourhoods and the overloaded road system,
which is why I am writing to you.

* It is quite clear that using Raymund Road and the narrow lane to the
Harlow site for access is not only highly impractical but would also
be dangerous because of the entrance to St. Nicholas Primary School
(over 400 pupils) at the junction of the above.

* This leaves the only access point available to be one from Marston
Ferry Road at a point crossing the hedge, a very busy cycle lane and
footpath, at the north end of the primary school field next to the
boundary hedge. This would gain access to the current buildings and
presumably the site of the proposed buildings.

* Marston Ferry Road is on the south-east/north west arterial route
from/to Headington/JR hospital (Headley Way), junctions with Marsh
Lane from A40/Marston Road (Cherwell Drive) and city centre/Banbury
Rd. (Marston Ferry Rd.) with which you will be familiar because of
daily chronic traffic congestion.

* Currently, traffic leaving A40 at Marston interchange queues on the
A40 trunk road (soon to be affected by Barton Park crossing) at peak
morning times (7.00am until ??) and enters Marsh Lane. Most of this
turns left and queues in Headley Way (I have seen this still at a
standstill as late as 11.30am because of full car parks at JR).
Traffic turning right will queue in Cherwell Drive and Marston Ferry
Road because of the effect of Cherwell School entering, when it is
almost possible to walk the length of the road as quick as a vehicle.
I have regularly seen morning traffic backed-up from Banbury Rd. to
Headley Way, preventing right-turning traffic from Marsh Lane (and
thus all of Marsh Lane) moving forward, Marston Rd. and Oxford Rd.
both unable to access the arterial route - and gridlock at JR
roundabout at the SE end.

* These are just some of the effects of routes through Old Marston to
the schools in Headington,the hospital,Cherwell School and the city
centre that happen here every day. And all of this before the Barton
Park development produces more traffic at Marston interchange.

* With the proposed school site on the same road and just a few
hundred yards from Cherwell School, can we now ask what plans and
transport strategy you can present to the people of our community to
deal with the extra traffic and parking produced by 1260 pupils and
'over 100' staff drawn from other parts of Oxford and beyond?
We all wish to know.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Yours sincerely

John C Batey
Chairman. OMPC

Questions Put to CEO of RLT

Below are two questions put to CEO of River Learning Trust by Chairman of Old Marston Parish Council, John Batey, together with replies from the Educational Funding Agency in relation to the proposed Swan School. This is dated Wed. 8th March 2017.

Whether EFA have actually made a decision to accept the Harlow site and/or whether it has been agreed with the County Council:

The HCS is our preferred site following an extensive site search. This approach has been discussed and agreed with OCC as well as the local planning authority. The final decision is still subject to finalising the purchase of the land and securing capital funding, however, as well as securing planning permission to build a new school on the site.


Where we can see plans for the development which are rumoured to be in existence?

We are currently in early conversation with Oxford City Council planning authority on the draft concept design proposals. This is currently in  early draft format and will be shared more widely during public  consultation planning events on the Swan School. The dates for these public events will be confirmed in due course.

Response of City Councillor Mary Clarkson

Dear John,

I¹ve spoken to the planners and my understanding is that the EFA(Education Funding Agency, the developer side of the DfE) have decided on the Harlow site and the County Council have sold the site to them for £1, on the basis that the EFA will spend £25m on building a school there, thus saving the County the expense of building on existing sites, since expansion doesn¹t attract DfE funds. It¹s a very restrictive funding regime and one which obviously doesn¹t result in the best long term decisions. Our planners are now waiting to receive planning applications, which will automatically go the East Area Planning Committee - no need for call-in.Given the scale of the plans I would hope that the EFA will arrange proper public consultation and might even come along to speak to the Parish Council. I¹ve never had to deal with them before so I have no idea how responsive they are to local concerns.

Best wishes


On 23/03/2017 10:31, "chairman@oldmarston-pc.gov.uk"
< chairman@oldmarston-pc.gov.uk> wrote:


Hope you are all well.

Having heard nothing to the contrary, I assume we are still waiting for DFE to decide finally on Harlow site (?)
I hope you can all keep an eye on this at your level and inform us as soon as you hear of any movement towards planning. I have written to
Nimmo-Smith about the serious traffic implications. Had a long, neutral, reply from one of his officers - but at least it is on county's radar now. Incidentally, with a new layout for parish council meetings in the hall, can I ask you all to use the chairs where members of public sit
as there is just enough space (when all present) to seat parish councillors.

Look forward to seeing you all later.

Best wishes
and thanks for all your interest in parish affairs.


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